Squid – Animi


“My First Puzzle Toy”

Only 2 pieces are needed to make one puzzle!

Put the octopuse’s head on the squid’s body and vice versa. The little explorers will get to know about the octopus and his friend the squid and learn to combine their first puzzle toy pieces. The beginning of the educational process includes familiarizing toddlers with the concept of puzzle and composition and is the most entertaining occasion to get to know about this 2 so characteristic sea creatures.

A durable handmade toy made of natural beech wood with a particularly smooth and soft surface in three vivid colors will beautifully decorate the children’s room.


Τhe squid is a mollusk with ten tentacles, two of which are longer and have suction cups at their end. Most squid do not exceed 60 cm in length but there are also giant squids that can reach a length of 14 meters.

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