Little Divers – Animi


“Imaginative Play Toy Collection”

Take a deep breath and dive into a world full of bubbles…

Sharks and whales, dolphins, starfishes and the rest of the marine company are ready new underwater adventures and endless hours of play. Little divers play, learn and familiarize with natural wood toys. Their original design, the variety of colors as well as the unique relief feel on the colored spots stimulate the little toddlers.

Made of natural beech wood with a particularly smooth and soft surface these pieces of marine  imaginative play toy collection will bring the underwater world into the hands of small explorers and will offer them creativity and joy.

Choose your underwater companions!!


Divers perform various underwater tasks by diving and observing the seabed. They wear special diving equipment and at great depths divers use a diving suit and breathe through a tube that reaches the surface.

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